Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Story behind The Rich Jerk - Part 3

So how did the rich jerk promote his website? He first needed prove that he really was able to fix bad credit using his secret method. So he took 11 of his creditors to court, because of a simple technicality. He disputed their practice of collecting the debts and won against all 11 of them. Now he had social proof he could show people that his e-book really worked.

He then build a simple website using a program that did the job for him.  

Now he had a website, an e-book and prove that it worked. Using all that he had a lot of people willing to pay $30 bucks for his credit repair secret. This earned him $300/month in the beginning.

But like everyone else this wasn’t enough for the rich jerk . He used his method of success and replicated it with other eras of interest.

So how did his website got so highly ranged in google? Well, he searched for every information related to search engine optimization. After 6 months his website ranked #1 for the phrase “bad credit”. And that’s pretty impressive, considering that there are over 300 million other websites out there competing for that term.

But why is it so important to get your website highly ranged in the major search engines? The term “bad credit” for example, is searched very often by people. So if your website ranked highly you would have a better chance of getting more targeted visitors to your site. And that means you have a better chance of selling your info-product, which is about bad credit.

So after some people asked him to create a product containing his secrets for his success, he invented the rich jerk. 

It's been a little over three years since the rich jerk made those discoveries, and his past successes suggests you would be wise to heed his advice.

So who the heck is The Rich Jerk? A lazy guy you should listen to if you want your bank account to fill, but only if you take action with what he teaches in his Rich Jerk Manual.

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